TV writers’ strike fun facts

November 6, 2007

Did you know…

  • that the reason we now have Cops is because of the last time television writers went on strike in 1988? It was a filler show when the scripted stuff ran out. I did not know that until I listened to some TV writers talk about strikes and their long-lasting effects last night on NPR’s News & Notes.
  • that by extension, that strike is also part of the reason we now have a live and kicking Fox Network? Fox was just a baby when the 1988 strikes happened, and the paucity of new material on more established networks drove more viewers to its tacky-ass… I mean reality-type entertainment model. Cops and America’s Funniest Home Videos might never have found a foothold without this kind of desperation.
  • that there’s a new online drama called Quarterlife from the creators of My So-Called Life and Thirtysomething? They’re hoping to get a boost when people get tired of the nothing but reality television that may flood primetime.
  • that, if the strike continues, we’ll be stranded about halfway through Lost’s fourth season, if the speculation that they only have 7 of the sixteen or so new episodes in the can?
  • that SJ had never watched Lost before this past summer, but now that she has, she’s worried she might go a little crazy if that happens?

Okay, I’m hankering for inspiration a serious blog post to write (Walter Kirn and his Autumn of the Multi-taskers almost did it, but that turned into a full blown essay)  but that’s the best I’ve got right now…


One Response to “TV writers’ strike fun facts”

  1. S.O.S Says:

    Thanks for the info; I, in fact, did not know that stuff. I learned that writers for news shows are in a different union, so Keith Olbermann’s show is unaffected by the strike (thank goodness).

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