More creative nonfiction TMI

November 7, 2007

Wow, Mary Gordon, I was so enjoying your memoir and then you had to go and share: “I think no woman is electable in America, and particularly not Hillary,” novelist Mary Gordon observed, “because she is married to this guy whom everyone is libidinally attached to. I think there is unconscious sexual jealousy of her among women.” You think that no woman is electable in this country AND you think we are all sexually jealous of Hilary Clinton? You’re openly dismissive of a candidate’s chances of election based on her gender (okay, maybe just a hardnosed realist, but yup, a little sexist too) AND totally cuckoo? I swear, sometimes writers should just be seen and not heard…

but I think I am still going to finish the book.

And I’m resisting the urge to get started complaining about why everyone thinks it’s OK to talk about Hillary like she has no chance b/c of her gender, and it is somewhat less OK to say equally decisively negative things about the color of Barack’s skin. Have I mentioned before that poll that NPR did about how many people wouldn’t vote for Hillary b/c she’s a woman, and no corresponding poll re: would you vote for a black person? Why is one more okay than the other? Neither is okay at all!


2 Responses to “More creative nonfiction TMI”

  1. Moe Says:

    I also am frustrated by the proposition that if you don’t vote for Senator Clinton, it must be because she’s a woman and not because you dislike her as a politician. I also hate that the press and her opponents refer to her as Hilary rather than Sen. Clinton, and I really, really, really hate it when her campaign uses the gender thing (like, how the other candidates “piled on” her at the last debate. They disagree with her POLITICS! They are her OPPONENTS!!) Grr…

  2. Fragolina Says:

    The press is absolutely horrible (in general) but especially at framing a political debate in anything but the most broad, simplistic terms. They did it back in 2000 with Bush and Gore. Bush was always the idiot frat boy and Gore the egghead. Anything they did that fell outside of that rubric wasn’t reported — i.e. if Gore made a rhetorical slip-up, or Bush made some huge claim he couldn’t back up (equivalent to Gore’s “I invented the internet.)

    Now it’s the same with this election: Clinton is “the Woman” and Obama is “the Black Idealist.” Edwards is Southern Guy with Ailing Wife and Expensive Haircut. The other people are just the Also-Rans.

    That said, I don’t think it’s necessarily untrue that there are many people in this country who won’t vote for Hilary because she’s a woman. There is, however, I think a much larger chunk of people who won’t vote for her because they dislike her intensely. Whether that’s tied to her gender or her politics (or something else entirely) it’s hard to say. But she (for better or worse) stirs up strong feelings in this country and I think it makes her a very dicey choice for the democratic nomination.

    Wow, that went on for a long time.

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