Friday Red

November 16, 2007

Friday Red: it’s basically the opposite of Cranky Tuesday.

D and I have had a little tradition for this semester on Friday nights with no other plans: we like to get a lung-busting run in right after work, and then hit a bottle of red wine while we either turn our attention to our languishing netflix queue or get our money’s worth from cable. Actually, most of the time we skip the lung-busting run and go straight for the red. So, since I’m feeling a little festive now that the Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé! at Chez SJ, I thought I’d announce tonight’s playlist:

1: bottle of Bouchard Aîné & Fils beaujolais nouveau, predictably buxom yet delightfully restrained for a nouveau, with a lovely yellow label with rustic people on it.

2: French films: Bresson’s Mouchette (will I get it more now than I did in high school? remains to be seen) and the Dardennes brothers’ The Son. That is, if D can be torn away from Blazing Saddles on AMC.

1: episode of Friday Night Lights! Because it’s the best show on television that you’ve probably never considered watching b/c it is about football.

I’d say happy Friday, but I’d say most of my uber cool friends have much better things to do than read blogs, so happiness in general to all, and a chilled bottle of beaujolais!


8 Responses to “Friday Red”

  1. AH Says:

    I read this reference to “uber cool” friends as somehow, a challenge to respond, to assert that, no, indeed, I have nothing better to do that read your (uber cool) blog. What more could I want? 😉 Besides my own wine and French films, of course.

    I say, a little sleep. I am knackered. I just got off a fourteen hour day at work. Yikes. And back to work, before 7am tomorrow. At least I will be missing the insanity of Columbus on Michigan game day!

  2. SJ Says:

    Ha ha, thanks for sharing the uber coolness.

    14 hours and back at 7am! That is intense–but it’s always good to miss that kind of insanity. Although D is trying to talk me out of the house to go seek some out.. our Owls are playing the Gators, and it’s only on pay-per-view, which means we have to go to the pub to watch it, right?

  3. S.O.S Says:

    Wait…have I missed the game in which Ohio State tramples Michigan? That’s what I get for not turning the tv on, and for living in Florida.


  4. SJ Says:

    Oh no, you haven’t missed it, it’s on TV right now. And I feel that OSU is doing well, getting something called “conversions” a lot. If you lived in Boca I’d tell you to meet us at the Drafthouse–I’m sure they’ll have both games on!

  5. S.O.S Says:

    Oh yes! I found it! Woohoo!

    (I haven’t watched a single OSU game all season)

  6. JG Says:

    Our uber-cool Friday night: watching a pre-recorded Reaper, re-runs of Two and Half Men, and a mushroom and pepperoni calzone from the good pizza place. (Note: do not order minestrone again, yuck.) I think we went to bed at midnight which is at least an hour or two earlier than we go to bed on a normal weekday. I hope your wine tasted of things one wouldn’t normally want food to taste of.

  7. Bradley Says:

    Emily and I have a similar Friday night routine, except we huff big jars of ether and watch Rudy Ray Moore movies.

  8. AH Says:

    Update on Columbus on game day.

    I was at my law firm’s offices, where we holding this important mock trial . . . and our witnesses were watching the game in a conference room when they had free time.

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