1 LIS paper closer

November 27, 2007

…to being a librarian, which as ever I am unsure if I actually want to be, but I feel no ambivalence at all when I say, I’m glad that mofo’ is DONE.

It was a nice holiday weekend, but rather gloomy in my self-imposed exile from the blogosphere until my health sciences librarianship paper was done. I’m so unproductive when I’m mono-tasking like that. All I accomplished this weekend was paper stuff, and it didn’t even get fully acccomplished until tonight.  Oy vey.

Anyway, I hope to catch up on all my ubercool friends’ blogs, do a little belated Turkey Day blogging (hint: it didn’t involve Turkey) and perhaps a little barely coherent, overly emotional ramblings, but we’ll see. Right now, after 11 hours today alone spent in front of a computer, I’m pretty sure I should be stepping slowly away from the keyboard.

Onwards to southern lit and creative portfolios, which are going to feel a lot less like work.


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