Go directly to hoosegow

November 27, 2007

Hoosegow means jail.

Tatterdemalion means rag-tag.

Imprimis means firstly.

A debenture is an unsecured bond.

I know these things now b/c I’m addicted to Free Rice, an online vocab quiz that says it donates ten grains of rice to the UN hunger relief effort for every word you get right…. I’d probably play anyway, it’s so addictive.


2 Responses to “Go directly to hoosegow”

  1. Bradley Says:

    Hoosegow is a great word. It’s one of those words I just know without knowing why I know it. If I had to guess, I’d say one of my grandmothers used to say it– it doesn’t seem like something I would have picked up in college.

  2. SJ Says:

    It’s a great word. The fact that I know it now makes me feel better about the fact that I now also know that it takes *7200* grains of rice to make *1* cup.

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