The Cranky Tuesday after Cyber Monday, which was annoying enough all by itself

November 27, 2007

My crankiness came raring back to me as I drove to work this morning, which is good, because for a couple of weeks there I was entirely too happy on Tuesdays. So, time for a list of things in the news that are totally annoying SJ today. There’s a theme: fools.

  • The fool who wrote the Miami Herald article with a two sentence quote from the fool whose unique insight into the Taylor shooting was: “”I am going to make sure my gun is loaded…We never did have any problems here.” Wait, I see three names in the byline–make that FOOLS.
  • The fools who want to destroy more of the Everglades for box stores and homes that no one will be buying any time soon. Seriously, they want to build a Lowe’s. They think this is okay now because they have a water voucher from the state of Fla that guarantees that there will be no water issues in new, expanded Kendall for the next 20 years. Excuse me? Who gave you that voucher? Your fairy godmother? I’m revoking your privileges as an entrepreneur if you think some kind of voucher makes this a better idea than it was last year.
  • Trent Lott and the five other Republican fools who are blatantly quitting their jobs just in time to only have to wait a year before they start 6-7 figure jobs as lobbyists. B/c the rule is about to change, and if they stayed past December they’d have to wait two years before they could get paid enough money to care for multiple working families for doing jackshit. 6 Republican senators total quitting before adjournment this year. That’s 6% of the highest body of elected officials in the land. And I’ll just add in the fool on the radio who commented that Trent Lott was being reasonable to do this, b/c he’s “not that rich”–only 1.6 million dollars in assets or so.
  • The fool (s?–it’s unattributed) who wrote this half-assed NYT Op-ed entitled “The High Cost of Health Care.” The flimsy-ass thinking of this piece boggles the mind. It’s like they asked someone off the street to tell them everything they knew about fixing healthcare. For one thing, it can hardly be called an op-ed, b/c it doesn’t have an opinion other than “fixing healthcare will be hard.” Duh. For another, it leaves out astoundingly basic facts related to many of its observations. It recommends paying doctors less, as they do in other countries, without mentioning that in many of those other countries the doctors’ educations are subsidized and they don’t graduate with 100k to 400k in the hole. It also drops my least favorite piece of non-news, which is that most medical decisions are not made based on evidence-proven care. This is an extremely misleading thing to say, and as a library science student studying health sciences librarianship, I know why. That’s a true statement, but it’s not true b/c doctors don’t do research or don’t care. It’s because the movement toward evidence-based care has only just begun, and information resources that bring together synthesized recommendations based on the mass of available and often contradictory evidence by and large do not exist yet. There are a few, but none that every hospital has access to. Further, there is no evidence yet on whether or not this actually helps. Medicine may be a science, but the practice of it is a very individualized skill that varies from doctor to doctor. Sometimes, they don’t need the evidence, they’ve treated this a hundred times. When they need evidence, they get it, and they spend time trying to figure out what that means. This is not a perfect system and that’s why medical information specialists are going to have job security for years to come–we can do better making evidence-based recommendations accurate and accessible. <stepping down from soapbox–why do I always end up on soapboxes on behalf of the profession that I am so ambivalent about?>
  • UPDATE: I knew I’d get down off that soapbox right quick. I just remembered this article about a librarian who urges us all to “Just Say No” to Wikipedia with brilliant reasoning such as “We don’t see it as an authoritative source.” No way! I’m shocked, just shocked to know there is WRONG STUFF on Wikipedia. Now, I am a firm believer in both Wikipedia and the value of teaching information literacy. Do I use it for certain informal purposes? All the time. Would I cite it in a paper? Not unless the paper was about Wikipedia itself. I think the solution here is to teach kids what Wikipedia really is and use that to link to a broader lesson about how you need to be critical of your information sources, all of them, print and web. Just so you know, she’s not a representative figure… I hope.

Okay, I think that’s enough ire for now. Back to my rice.


2 Responses to “The Cranky Tuesday after Cyber Monday, which was annoying enough all by itself”

  1. S.O.S Says:

    You and I were listening to the same NPR broadcast on our drive to school. Specifically, I recall my top blowing over Trent Lott’s leaving for the reasons you stated above. Add this to my top blowing last night when Olbermann played a clip of Karl Rove talking to Charlie Rose, in which Rove said the administration was opposed to the War Resolution in 2002. Add this to the my top blowing over Scott McClellan finally admitting, yeah, I lied about the Plame scandal, and was told to lie by the folks in the white house. The last two are revealing all of this information in their forthcoming books. If I were on my blog right now, I’d be spewing many obscenities. But since this is your blog, I’ll control myself and say that all of them need to be boxed about the ears.

    Now, back to my P&P paper.

  2. SJ Says:

    Yeah, I was even closer to busting out my full repertoire (oooh, that makes my curse word vocabulary sound extensive, doesn’t it?) for the Trent Lott story than to describe my LIS paper. That’s saying something.

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