I replay it over and over again

November 28, 2007

Okay, a little conversation over on Incertus has got me jonesing again for this song, “Over and Over Again,” by Nelly featuring Tim McGraw. This song was on the radio right when I got back from Brazil, and I have fond memories of feeling cheesily desolate as I listened to it while driving through the slushy streets of Michigan in December. Now that I’ve rewatched the video, I realize I got a couple of things wrong about it in my memory. It’s TMG who drives the black SUV, not Nelly, and seeing as Nelly sings the whole thing, I don’t think a whole country version of this came out, which makes the split screen video technique even more genious! Look at the way it highlights the markers of living the big pop music life as they span across musical/cultural divides! Look at how funny it is that TMG wears a big black cowboy hat and lives in a log cabin while Nelly wears a black ski cap and lives in a brick house on the block! It’s just fun.


One Response to “I replay it over and over again”

  1. Bradley Says:

    That video rocks my face off.

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