Censorshippin’: Update

November 30, 2007

UPDATE: Thanks to Bradley on Incertus for pointing out that “challenge” is really a disgusting euphemism for censoring a book. I had kind of gotten desensitized to that fact. It’s sad that we have a PC word for weakening the First Amendment, a word that gives people who want to limit others’ free speech and access to information a good name. Also, people who want a quarter of a million dollars of public school money to be spent on a lawsuit to keep a book that says people who live in Cuba have lives too off the shelves (see Vamos a Cuba case).

Also, Brian on Incertus seems to have the antidote for people who think Chaucer is too hardcore for public school. Just go and check out the 9 Most Badass Bible Verses. Take a page from Avi’s book and say that if Chaucer has to go, so does the Bible b/c would you look at Ezekiel 23: 19-20!!! Yowza!




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