Friday Red: A recommendation (for everyone but JG)

November 30, 2007

Yesterday, the Miami Herald ran an article about wine tastings in South Florida, and my recommendation* is, instead of reading that article and especially instead of going to any of the places in that article, go to the Wine Warehouse nearest you. I cannot think of enough good things to say about the Wine Warehouse here in Boca, and I’ve been to the one in Fort Lauderdale too and had the same great experience. I revert again to list form to detail all of the reasons why, if you drink wine or would like to drink wine and you live in Florida, you need to go to the Wine Warehouse:

  1. They fit my budget. It’s cheaper than anywhere else. The same wines are consistently 2-3 dollars cheaper than other outlets, including overpriced Publix.
  2. They fit my consumer ethic. It’s cheaper because the Wine Warehouse is not a chain, it’s a group of individual owned stores working in cooperation to bargain for the best prices and access to good wine. Each store’s inventory, however, is at the discretion and taste of the owner.
  3. They have tastings all the time, and unlike most of the places in the Herald article, they are free. When they aren’t free (rarely), they’re cheap, like tonight’s which is 10$ to sample wines in the 100$ range. So it’s an opportunity, b/c I won’t be buying wines that expensive for a good long time if ever.
  4. If you like wine, it’s a good thing to go to tastings, not b/c it’s a great way to pick up members of the opposite sex but b/c it’s really educational. You get a much sharper sense of why people say wines have tasted other than “red” and “white” b/c the differences are shocking when they are tasted back to back.
  5. They are the opposite of snobby, but they have the knowledge to help any budget or palate find a good pick.
  6. The owner of the Boca store has called me by my first name every visit since my first.
  7. My first visit was to buy groomsmen and bridesmaids gifts, and it was completely non-stressful, non-snobbish, non-dismissive of my budget (which wasn’t my usual, 10$ a bottle budget, but it was not what a lot of Bocans probably come in with). We ended up with great wine that we felt great about giving.
  8. Outside of my friends, the Wine Warehouse is #1 of my Top 2 things that I will miss when I leave Boca and Florida.

So, I’ve said my piece, and if you’re looking for something to do tonight, there’s a tasting from 5-7 at the Boca WW, where I’ll be sipping on a future Friday Red.

*JG, I know that none of this applied to you.


5 Responses to “Friday Red: A recommendation (for everyone but JG)”

  1. Bradley Says:

    Damn. I didn’t see this in time. If you think of it, can you let us know when the next tasting is going to be?

  2. SJ Says:

    Your damn is my “phew”–this particular tasting was okay, but a bit of a let down b/c it was packed, and we got there late, when the sponsoring label had “run out” of the best stuff they were opening. I’m pretty sure if this had been a tasting that the owner himself was putting on, he would have opened as many bottles as it took to make sure all the paying customers got a taste, but it was a tasting put on by a third party and that guy obviously had a quota as to how many bottles he could open. I didn’t like his attitude, so I voted with my taste buds and didn’t buy any of the featured selections… which I probably wouldn’t have anyway given the pricing, but whatev. I like to think I have power. But I get nervous when people actually want to take me up on my recommendations!

    The next one is next Thursday, 5-7, which will be a bunch of new Bordeaux that Kyle (the owner) recently got in, and it’s a free one. We usually only remember to check the schedule at the last minute, and we rely on the update email to keep us posted. I’ll figure out how to subscribe to the Boca one specifically and post it on the blog.

  3. Bradley Says:

    Actually, we were in Boca today and stopped by– picked up a Macabel and two Pinot Noirs. At first, when I saw the tasting was on Thursday, I thought, “Oh, we won’t be able to make it– Emily’s at school until 4:00, and then I have to be up in the morning to teach…” Then Emily reminded me that Thursday was reading day, and I was all, “Oh, hell yeah.”

  4. SJ Says:

    Sweet! I don’t think I’ve tried a Macabel (but I’m kind of a slacker about remembering all the varietals I’ve encountered along the way), but I have had several excellent pinot noirs from the WW. We have one we currently really like but rarely splurge on–the Cono Sur 20 Barrel Pinot.

    D and I will most likely be there too–just a question of when b/c he has to tutor until 5:30.

  5. JG Says:

    Oh, I will definitely go to more wine tastings in the future for the laugh factor. Where else can I taste things that normally I wouldn’t consider putting into my mouth: dryer lint, bookbinding glue, rat poison, etc., and live to tell? (Seriously, that wine really did taste like Sterno.) Besides no one really goes for the wine, they go for the olive oil tasting.

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