Further Illegal Adventures of Shady the RA

December 4, 2007

Kenyon peeps: follow this link for a story of one of our fellow alums in the wrong kind of news. The very wrong, but not actually surprising kind of news, given the person in question. Character is destiny, people.

UPDATE: Also see the docs on The Smoking Gun.

A little bit of googling makes it look like this story is picking up fast, and I only hope (probably in vain) that Shady the RA does not manage to make truly national news and “balance the math” as one stupid right wing blogger suggested of Republicans and Democrats involved in soliciting underage boys. There’s a difference between an aide getting caught being and an elected official. If that happens, I will just explode. We’re talking about someone who so obviously oozed sleaze that he became the subject of his very own baby drama skit involving inappropriate come-ons. He also harassed one of our very good friends. How on earth did he get a job as a senate aide? Oh wait, I know… he good connections along with his sleaze.



One Response to “Further Illegal Adventures of Shady the RA”

  1. Fragolina Says:

    NO WAY!!!!!

    Goodness gracious. Wow. I am seriously gobsmacked. Yet not surprised.

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