Starbucks goes with a memoir

December 5, 2007

The AP tells us:

Dec 5th, 2007 | NEW YORK — A father’s memoir of his son’s drug addiction will be the next featured book at Starbucks stores.

David Sheff’s “Beautiful Boy,” to be published in February by Houghton Mifflin Co., will be sold at more than 6,500 Starbucks around the country. Sheff, author of three previous books, will appear at 10 Starbucks stores to promote his memoir.

But this is the part I really love:

“We seek titles that will inspire conversation both in our stores and with our customers,” Starbucks Entertainment President Ken Lombard said in a statement Wednesday.

“David’s story embraces a depth of emotion, support and human resilience that brings readers face-to-face with an epidemic that is sweeping the nation. We are excited to have the opportunity to present this genuine, personal memoir to our customers.”

Yes, Starbucks, it is time to start a conversation. About addiction. Caffeine addiction. How timely of you. Every day on my campus, the line of students who cannot make it through their 7-10pm seminar without a hit grows longer, and I am forced to wait in that line for amounts of time that have verged upon half an hour.  I’m not sure this is what any of us bargained for when first we quaffed your milky, overpriced confections. That chai latte was a gateway drink, and now in search of my fix I’ have to go for the cheapest, most caffeinated drink on your menu: venti hot coffee, no room for cream. How I miss the days when my hands did not shake and my heart did not thump in my chest like a demented jingle bell. Who was I then, and how have I fallen so far?

Oh wait, the memoir isn’t about that kind of addiction. Caffeine, crystal meth, same thing, right?


2 Responses to “Starbucks goes with a memoir”

  1. Emily Says:

    The thing that really cracks me up about the Starbucks on our campus is that it’s not the only coffee shop around. But it’s the only one with the really long line.

    I don’t know that the other ones (run mostly by the University’s catering service) are open in the evening, but I’ve given up on Starbucks entirely.

    I don’t generally like their coffee, and I definitely like not waiting in line (check out the one at the east end of the library — I like the woman who works there, too).

  2. SJ Says:

    I’ll have to check that place out, although I am kind of a Starbucks believer… I have their little credit card that gives me rewards in the form of money to spend at S-bucks. So, basically paying a semester’s tuition also pays for a semester’s worth of coffee.

    However, when it comes to the S-bucks we have here, I have to go w/ this rejected submission for Starbucks ‘The way I see it’ (not for real, just part of a hilarious piece on McSweeney’s Internet Tendency titled that): “This coffee tastes like poop. Burnt poop.”

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