Friday Re(a)d:

December 7, 2007

Friday Red was almost cancelled tonight, or turned into Friday Read More Lit Theory (yay!), but SJ got her act together and did a sufficient amount of work to merit a small diversion before I go to sleep and get up to do more work–which I am actually very pumped about. I mean, it’s gotta be pretty rocking if it actually gets me to consider passing up a glass of wine.

So, here we are with

1) chilled bottle of something red of questionable denominacion, bought for name only: Kissing Bridge. It seemed like a good candidate for a southern lit get together, but that ended up skewing a bit more high brow. Which was totally fitting given that we spent the whole semester talking about how stereotyped southerness is really passé.


1) more French film in our moving at a crawl Netflix queue: L’Humanité, directed by Bruno Dumont, which is both totally offputting and comeplling at the same time.  Mostly, it’s weird.

Favorite line read tonight, quoted in James Giles’s Spaces of Violence: History is written in wars not words, showing us “relations of power, not relations of meaning.” Oh now you tell me.

Also, I have a girlcrush on Michelle Norris of NPR fame. She used the word “pluperfect” on national television.


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