What we need is the old sentence, re-framed

December 15, 2007

So, for those of you who have watched or just heard about the Kenneth Goldsmith poemumenatry on Ubu Web, I just wanted to link to a couple of blog posts that caught my eye in the context of contemporary art being all about reframing existing material.

First, there’s a couple posts by Alesh on Critical Miami (a blog I subscribe to, but I’ve never met the author or anything) with tons of gorgeous pics of pieces that were at last week’s Art Basel. What caught my eye is just how much of what the artists pictured here are doing is based on referring to images or texts that we are already familiar with and putting them in new frames. It’s pretty much almost all of them. Some of them are actually built around words.

Then, there’s this post on the blog Visualizing poetics about a show by a young artist named Toan Tran. Check out “Keep Working.” I love it–the concept, the process, the product. Is it breaking copyright to make it my desktop image? I’ll have to find out. I think it might be, but if it weren’t, I’d like that piece of art/visual poetry/reframed language to be my personal motto in life.

It kind of gets me thinking about contemporary experimental poetry as staking out a borderland between visual art and language… the two disciplines are really closely intertwined anyway, and the modernists were all about that kind of stuff. It’s like our world is full of raw material, and now our job is to show how our own eyes put it together.


5 Responses to “What we need is the old sentence, re-framed”

  1. SOS Says:

    The Visualizing Poetics blog sounds interesting. I’ll swing by once I’m using something other than dial-up to connect to the internet. I think the Goldsmith poetics is a good place to start our group blog on poetics/practice/theory. Let’s get V to watch the documentary too and we’ll have a discussion. (WoohOO!)

  2. rox. Says:

    read bill bissett. all kinds of bissett. he’s published over 75 books, so they’re out there. http://www.abebooks.com is a good place to order from. he might have already answered your questions.

  3. rox. Says:

    and don’t forget b.p.nichol another super canadian poet. can’t go wrong with bill or barry. both poetic geniuses. both deconstructing and reconstructing the sentence, the language…communication in general. have fun.

  4. rox. Says:

    and gertrude stein. she gives great sentence.

  5. SJ Says:

    Oh yeah she does. And I am just now learning to appreciate it.

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