Ignorance of the crowds

December 20, 2007

The Explainer’s top unanswered questions of the year.

It’s really hard to pick a favorite:

Why are some cats softer to the touch than others? Is it possible I have the softest cat in the world?

Why do male ice skaters have routines that are so feminine in execution? After all these years, there should be some kind of movements on ice that would be more masculine-looking. The gymnastics shows have them.

Wouldn’t we all like an answer to these ones?

Hello. I am an editor and writer and I would like for everyone to change some letters that are now in lowercase to uppercase. An example would be the 18th century to the 18th Century. Where does one go about starting to do this?

I have been looking for an old movie from about the late ’60s. I was born in 1960 and watched it as a little kid. It was a Santa movie and it had the Devil in it. It was like the Devil was trying to stop Christmas. I remember the Devil was wearing red PJs. Santa has a magic powder that would make people sleep. It was a cute movie. Please help.

Is it possible in any way to prove that someone was on crack cocaine nine to 10 years ago?

And one I can answer right now:

Mitt Romney is running for president. His father, George Romney, a former governor of Michigan, ran for president in 1968. Is “Mitt” named for the mitten-shape of Michigan?

NO! Mitt Romney is not allowed to be named after my beloved hand state.


2 Responses to “Ignorance of the crowds”

  1. Bradley Says:

    I’m pretty sure the Santa Claus vs. the Devil movie is 1959’s Santa Claus. I think I saw that one on a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 episode, but I might be conflating it with Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, which I definitely saw on MST 3K and which– at one point– I actually owned not one but two DVD copies of.

  2. SJ Says:

    The Fray seems to agree w/ the first idea, Santa Claus , but nobody has mentioned Santa Claus Conquers the Martians yet. If I were a member there, I’d cross-post and give you credit. I just hope the desperate person who submitted this question is aware that there are people out there trying to help.

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