Greetings from Michigan: Smells like slush

December 29, 2007

It’s still 2007, right? Things have been a bit blurry since my last post, a not unexpected product of cold medicine, Christmas celebrations involving Bailey’s on top of the cold medicine, packing, realizing we had no one to look after the cats for the first five days of our vacation b/c my sister also got time off, flying to Michigan, being devastated by the news from Pakistan as soon as we got off the plane in the spiffy terminal of the DTW, and getting semi-snowed in yesterday. When we got here, the snow cover was pretty much down to a few iced over piles where the large drifts used to be, but now we have a nice fluffy layer, which does improve the aestethic somewhat when the sky is permanently grey. Unfortunately, it was a wet snow, so the roads quickly turned into rivers of gelatinous brown slush, the kind that your feet kicks and gets all over the backs of your pant legs if you are not exceedingly careful. If I had SOS’s camera skills, I’d try to illustrate, but I think she pretty much captured that whole winter in the Midwest scene pretty accurately already.

That’s pretty much the run down from up here in the hand state. Scorecard so far:

Sun sightings: 1

French Canadian bean soup sightings: 1

Crazy metal ring puzzles solved by my father: at least 5

Times the poodles have tried to eat my shoes: 0

Times my brother has explained his smoking while driving system to me: 2

Movies taped off of television that D has been subjected to by my father while I am not around: 3

Times my father has gone into fits of apoplexy over what I am willing to spend for a six pack of a local microbrew as opposed to something… well, anything cheaper godd***it: 1

Okay, back to the merrymaking and wrapping for belated exchanges over lunch at the restaurant that used to be a train station!


One Response to “Greetings from Michigan: Smells like slush”

  1. Fragolina Says:

    SJ? Where are you?

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