Further strengthening my resolve to find a neti pot

January 9, 2008

It turns out my Whole Foods does not stock neti pots, probably the only trendy homeopathic remedy du jour in the history of such things that it has failed to supply, but this NYT article on the ineffectiveness of antibiotics for treating sinus infections has inspired me to try harder. I’m a little skeptical, because the reporter bases the conclusion on a study that only had people taking a basic antibiotic for ten days. The one time that I have had a full blown sinus infection, I had to take a more intense antibiotic for a full 21 days. At least now I know why: sinuses are hard to reach with antibiotics, possibly because they are just little pockets in your skull that have no actual blood flow? I’m not sure on that one, it’s just a thought. Anyway, it’s interesting to see evidence that sometimes, drugs are no substitute for just taking a couple of days to really take care of yourself.


2 Responses to “Further strengthening my resolve to find a neti pot”

  1. Allison Says:

    My husband has a neti pot that he no longer uses. I would offer to send it to you, but I’m thinking that wouldn’t be very hygienic. On second thought, it would be pretty gross. Sorry about the offer!

  2. SJ Says:

    Not nearly as gross as the guy in the NYT article who tried to serve his friends cream for their coffee in his!

    Thanks for reading & the link to your own blog, which is a great read for me b/c my sis is also an exercise fanatic and a future CPA 🙂

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