Marathon update: 26.2 miles later

January 14, 2008

My sister can’t walk, but she finished her marathon and raised over 2400$ for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! I am ridiculously proud of her and I showed it yesterday, like a monorail jumping fool going from point to point to catch the herd as they went by at the Disney Marathon she ran. Go sister go! She rocks.

But for any of you who might be tempted, as I was, to consider training up to go the distance next year, my sister’s advice is DON’T. Stick to the half marathon, which will get you in shape and make you feel macho w/o destroying your body. (Eg, the knee problem that my sister felt coming on during the 20 mile run got a lot worse yesterday. She’ll wait a week and see what constant icing does, but she may be headed in to the doctor.) That was pretty much all she could say after the race yesterday. She became a marathon non-evangelist. Of course, nobody wants to do another massively painful thing right after they have just finished one, but I’m going to try and hold her to this. Based on what she looked like at the finish, I think one marathon is more than enough for most people who aren’t naturally gifted with perfectly aligned joints.

I am officially no longer a Disney World virgin–I not only went all around the outside of the park, I bought an actual ticket to Epcot and actually went in, not just to cheer on the runners for the last mile. It’s, um, something. I went in completely cynical about Disney and went out completely cynical about Disney, but while I was there I actually found myself getting swept up the by “magic” or “Prozac” or whatever that is they pump into the air up there. I was geniunely tempted by the four day FL resident pass, just on the idea of Spinning Teacups alone, Also, they have a remarkable way of using the stuff they already sold you to try and sell you more stuff. I never realized just how shamless it really is. The World Showcase (the part of Epcot we read about over and over again during our semester of travel/tourism studies in Exeter) is basically an excuse to have a separate gift store and restaurant for every stop along the way–and not just your average gift shops, gifts shops with really expensive crap that makes you think you could be buying it in the actual place you just simulated your way through. Crazy mouse.


One Response to “Marathon update: 26.2 miles later”

  1. JG Says:

    After going to Disney as an adult, I decided that the only way to go without wanting to kill yourself was to be accompanied by a small child going for the first time.

    We were on a tram to Disney with two families with small girls. One was about six, had already been to Disney a million times, and was spoiled beyond belief—I was ready to kick her in the ass after about two minutes. The other was four/five and her eyes were the size of dinner plates. For her, the tram ride was the first magical experience of the day. I wanted to follow her just to watch her face when she finally met Mickey or one of the princesses.

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