Those who keep working

January 14, 2008

Are often the ones who keep working, except when of course they are striking… after reading Salon’s TV column this week, I’ve gotten addicted to Why We Write, a blog set up for striking television and film writers to submit pieces about, well, why they write. It’s fun to see perspectives from people who write for dough on a daily basis, having actual jobs and projects accountable to a marketplace to complete defining their oeuvre most of the time rather than working on very independently conceived works that appeal to artistic standards. Or something like that–the distinction is often a false one, as many TV & film writers are unemployed and write for no up front money most of the time, just like us literary types. This one by Greg Berlanti is particularly funny and inspiring, and the comments are good too. Don’t be discouraged, fellow writers, and don’t be a whore either. Just keep working.


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