At least I’m in good company

February 24, 2008

If, as Brian suggested, I am doomed to lose the good fight over the correct use of “enormity,” I am not without company, as Boswell informs us:

 He found fault with me for using the phrase to make money. ‘Don’t you see (said he,) the impropriety of it? To make money is to coin it: you should say get money.’ The phrase, however, is, I think, pretty current. But Johnson was at all times jealous of infractions upon the genuine English language, and prompt to repress colloquial barbarisms… He was particularly indignant against the almost universal use of the word idea in the sense of notion or opinion, when it is clear that idea can only signify something of which an image can be formed in the mind.”

Uh yeah, clearly… or not so clearly anymore. And have any of us ever given it a second thought?


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