“Make art, make art!”

February 25, 2008

Oh, staying up to watch the Oscars just got completely worthwhile. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova just won best song for “Falling” from Once. Like I said earlier, I have had a cynical, pragmatic hangover since 2004 and that song and that movie still charmed me to tears. Oh! It just got better–Marketa got cut off by the orchestra, and Jon Stewart just brought her back out to give her an uninterupted chance to say her thank-you’s. “Enjoy your moment,” he said. Good advice.


4 Responses to ““Make art, make art!””

  1. S.O.S Says:

    I was so glad they let her come back out.

  2. SJ Says:

    Kind of restores one’s faith in humanity, doesn’t it? At least the Jon Steward humans.

  3. Bradley Says:

    That was a really nice moment. Plus, it was great to see a couple of singer-songwriters beat the corporate schlock machine, you know?

  4. SJ Says:

    Yeah. I like the idea that an artist can never plan on getting anywhere. You just have to create stuff you love and keep on creating it. The rest is a by-product, not a result.

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