One of these things is just like the others

March 28, 2008

Thanks to Brian for the tip-off.

Who here has been to Key West?

In Key West, there’s a lot of t-shirt shops. Some of them sell tacky, faux expensive looking shirts that you could wear back in Michigan. Most of them sell tacky, sexually themed shirts that could wear back at the Delt party if you are a dude who feels the need to do such a thing. You know, shirts that say things like “I need some lotion applied here” with an arrow pointing down, or “Breathalyzer test” with an arrow pointing in the same direction. They are shirts for frat boys. Funny how this guy over at Kos thinks that a similarly phallus-centric shirt sold at Spencer’s thinks it is also a shirt for politically enlightened people:

I work at Spencer’s Gifts, a store that prides itself on being fairly humourous and “edgy.” We sell a shirt there that shows portrait shots Hillary and Obama side by side, seperated by the words “Bros before Hoes.”

Apparently, to him the only issue is, should Spencer’s be selling the shirt? What a non-question. Of course Spencer’s can sell the shirt, it’s Spencer’s and we know what kind of people wear shirts from Spencer’s. 14 year olds. The question should be, should I wear this shirt, and the answer to that is a definite no. You have a problem with Hilary, fine. But the same way that we wouldn’t wear a shirt that says “whites before blacks” if we had a problem with Obama, we shouldn’t wear a shirt that says “men before women.” Even if you think it is funny in context, it is disgusting.

Why can’t all men be more like Ernie?


2 Responses to “One of these things is just like the others”

  1. Bradley Says:

    When I was in high school (long before you were born– back when the Internet ran on steam and the nation was stunned and terrified by the East Coast/ West Coast Big Band wars), these types of jackasses wore “Big Johnson” and “Coed Naked [fill in the blank]” shirts. Odd, to find myself missing their subtlety…

  2. SJ Says:

    Oh yeah, I had almost forgotten about Coed Naked. Those came out when I was in middle school (I’m not that young…) and it took me forever to figure them out. I was all like, coed naked volleyball? Really?

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