Unpacking poetry

July 12, 2008

Unpacking poetry

Unpacked, in no particular order except for what fit on what shelf. That big gap on the second shelf is supposed to be for my notebooks, once I unpack those. (If you saw how I arrange the books in my house, you’d have no idea I was a librarian.) Sorry for the delay–I didn’t want to post again until I could do a clear moving follow-up, and of course that meant a bookend picture. And I couldn’t take that picture until I’d actually unpacked the poetry box, which between a weekend full of tractor parades and fireworks, some homework, and keeping my appointment w/ the writing desk, just didn’t get done until yesterday.

Iowa so far is all that I hoped it would be–friendly, practical, sparsely populated, and full of local food, at least in my decently progressive college town. I can see cornfields from my rented house in two directions (they don’t smell this time of year, but I’m sure they will next spring). I bike to work and haven’t turned on my window A/C yet (although that’s probably b/c I am a cheapskate, it’s gotten pretty toasty inside a couple of times). This morning I ran in a local 5k sponsored by the community foundation and afterward treated myself to what’s billed as “The Perfect Cappuccino” at the local coffee house, which was also featuring a couple of my colleagues & their musical groups who were playing to raise money for people affected by the floods. (To anyone who might worry about me–it doesn’t flood here, and yes, I do have a basement.) I’m sure the contradictions and conflicts will become apparent soon enough, but for now, it’s feeling pretty good to be back in a small Midwestern town. As I was driving back from the 5k, through some leafy residential streets, I realized how relaxed I was and I thought, oh s***, I might really be just a Midwesterner at heart. I might never leave the Midwest again. I’m not dwelling on that thought, though–there’s really  no telling where the next round of job hunting will take me. This is a one year sabbatical replacement, and while I’m hoping it will put me in good stead to get something permanent in a similar locale, there’s no guarantees. Plus, I haven’t ruled out another urban stint.

More images to come (we got a spiffy new camera as an anniversary gift to ourselves), but this last one is meant to demonstrate another benefit of unpacking one’s poetry: more fun for cats!


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