July 26, 2008

So I went to the annual raku workshop at the local art center this morning. The woman who is in charge spends all year throwing random pots, and then they invite a couple of traveling raku specialists to come and have a firing day for anyone who wants to come. For five bucks, I figured it was the perfect way to have some fun making something that didn’t involve line breaks or punctuation. Raku is a great antidote to controlling-itis, as it is more or less completely impossible to control. The glazes look different every time they are applied, and the final color depends on the idiosyncrasies of the glaze itself,¬† the day it was fired, the weather, the way it gets pulled out of the kiln, etc. For example, the blue color glaze you see there was called copper sand, and in the demonstration pieces, it usually came out brown. Not today! All I knew is, I wanted to make a funky looking whatever. You can still see where I tried to plan it a little too much, but I had a lot of fun. I could definitely see that getting addictive if you had access to materials on a regular basis. But one pot was enough for me today. Below, the inside view, where I put a special extra sparkly glaze.


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