It’s Friday, 4:45pm, and the library is filled with naked running people.

It takes me a minute to figure out why there are running naked people in the library, but I soon do: they are all whispering “Come to the Duke! It’s tomorrow!”

And then I realize, this is the entire cross country team, advertising their biggest meet of the year. Naked.

We did our own share of clothes-free running at Kenyon, but we always did it in the middle of the night. So, as my husband just emailed me in response to my first panicked email re: NRP, these cornfield college kids have got balls.

But did I really need to see them?

Oh college, I am surely much older than your students now.

It’s now 4:52, and the naked people have left the building. But really, is it even any use to get back to this institutional repository content survey?

No, no indeed. HOME!

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Rumors of dire consequences for registering to vote in a battleground state where you happen to attend school are much exaggerated. Just in case it comes up, I’m not suggesting anyone needs to make a public service announcement or anything. This kind of misinformation seems targeted at students who lean a certain way politically, but dispelling that misinformation shouldn’t be a partisan act if someone happens to ask one about it.

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