A summary of my life since last I blogged in the form of unwritten blog post titles

November 24, 2008

October 1st: Looks like I’m on hiatus (Read: Must finish MFA thesis to become MFA)

October 9th: Do I stay or do I go now? Or: When a one year job can become a two year job, and you decide to say screw the economy and throw it all away to try to go to more graduate school!

October 20th: I. Am. 27. And vow never to complain about that again.

October 22nd: Defended!

October 27: Am exhausted.

November 1: Knock, knock, knocking on my neighbor’s doors

November 3: ahhhhhhh so scared

November 4: yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 4, 10 something pm CST: Oh, that acceptance speech was going so well until he misused the word “enormity.” Oh well, nobody’s perfect.

November 9: Mormons confuse me–some of them do, anyway

November 10: Manuscript margin drama

November 13: Binding fee receipt drama

November 15: More naked people in my library! And this time it’s 25 degrees out!

November 18: Mailed my manuscript!

November 19: Strep throat: not just for first graders anymore

November 23: Having blankets on your bed can make you so much warmer at night

…and that brings us up to the present, which I hope will mark a return to the blogosphere!

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