Oscar Pre-blogging: Hugh Jackman rocked my socks

February 22, 2009

I am going to an Oscar party sans wireless this evening, so I will not have a chance to weigh in as the broadcast unfolds, so I just wanted to let the world know that I have pre-decided: Hugh Jackman is the awesomest singing-dancing Oscar host of my lifetime. There are going to be some haters out there, and to them I say: bring on the top hats, little tap dancing canes, tails, and even gold-leaf body paint, it’s all good if Wolverine is doing it. Give me a cheesy show tune any day over self-conscious comedians who make me feel embarassed for them when they deliver their first bad joke. More singing, more dancing, more gratuitous hip gyrations! This is going to be fun.

And in related news, I just passed up my opportunity to switch my NYT Oscar Ballot Adapted Screenplay vote from Frost/Nixon to the overwhelming favorite Slumdog to be able to say that. Also, let it be known that I betrayed my heart to vote for Jai Ho over Down to Earth for Best Song.


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