2009 has been a year of changes. I began it in the middle of Iowa cornfields, halfway through a one-year job as a librarian and very uncertain about what the future might hold. I had just finished the marathons of thesis defense and PhD application, one of which was taxing & rewarding and one of which was taxing & draining. As the second semester started, the snow piled up and every day I got more and more anxious about hearing whether or not I’d gotten in anywhere. I distracted myself with job applications (having put the possiblity of staying for an offered second year in jeopardy by applying to grad school) and Battlestar Galactica. Given that there were no good wine shops within 50 miles, surprisingly little alcohol was consumed during this period, although I did develop a taste for dirty martinis. Then, in February, the call came in and my wish officially came true. My future had an address. In June, we moved all our stuff there.

As the blog silence reflects, I’ve found it hard this year to live and write about it at the same time. It has been filled with moments I wanted to protect for long enough to understand them. And that waiting turned into… no blogging. I’m still not entirely sure that’s going to change, but I do miss it sometimes. Okay, often. But I don’t browse the internets the way I used to, and that means I’m just not coming across the same amount of potential blogging material…So, I guess I’m either going to have to readjust to blogging about my life in real time (which would mean a lot of solipsistic musings about grad school), or find a way to blog interestingly about things that are not related to my life… hmmm.

We’ll see! But for the time being, I’m counting 2009 as one of the good years, and hope 2010 is another one for all!