I feel an anthology coming on

November 26, 2008

Perhaps titled, You Get Told Things Every Day That Don’t Happen: Found Poetry of the Second Bush Era.

We’ve known about Donald Rumsfeld’s talent for accidental poetry for some time. And today, Andrew Sullivan points to Julian Gough’s introduction of Sarah Palin’s budding career, as Glough finds it exemplified by her work in “The Relevance of Africa”:

And the relevance to me
With that issue,
As we spoke
About Africa and some
Of the countries
There that were
Kind of the people succumbing
To the dictators
And the corruption
Of some collapsed governments
On the Continent,
The relevance
Was Alaska’s.

Thankfully, also a nipped in the budding career.

For now!!!!

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Please, no

January 31, 2008

The latest cringe-inducing antics from my potential future colleagues co-inhabitants of the asylum.

(All embarassment aside, wouldn’t that be like extremely offensive if it were female librarians being showcased?)